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Find the Best Books for Your Kids

I wrote my very first eBook with busy parents and friends in mind – for all of us who have to wade through the over one million books for kids out in the marketplace. My guide makes recommendations and helps you discover our favorite books – some classics, many new, those that are playful, or eccentric, books that are relevant, fun, and some selected just because they’re beautiful. Please check it out.  It’s just hitting the virtual bookshelves on and is now available for download.
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Parents may find it intimidating to find the best reading materials appropriate and relevant for your kids. Whether you are searching for baby books, preschool books or pre-teen reading, this quick read and worthwhile guide may just help provide fun, intriguing, stimulating, and viable reading choices for your youngster. Written for parents, grandparents, family friends, librarians and educators, the book is organized both by age groups and windows into genres. You are your child’s most important link to literacy – let this little guide help you shape your child’s entrée into reading with recommendations that are age and interest appropriate. Paramount to wonderful reading experiences is finding and procuring appropriate reading material for each stage of childhood development.
The recommendations found in this children’s reading guide are chosen to enrich literary experiences that make reading fun and an engaging part of every single day. Encouraging this habit is the best precursor to a life of rewarding reading and learning experiences thru literature. 

In sum, the right reading material for youngsters at the right times in their lives is one of the most important factors in a child’s intellectual development and the best way for parents to influence their youngsters in a positive, nurturing way. This guide sets forth all the needed perimeters and recommends the right titles to lay the foundation for a lifetime of literary pleasures. Let’s get kids reading!



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