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Under Sharon Exley’s direction & shopping finesse, a palette of distinctive art, curiosities, collectibles, furnishings, and fixtures are available for sale. Peruse this curated collection, a smattering of what’s available. We can help you find that perfect piece of art, furniture, or curiosity you crave.    

Peter’s Pavers Wallpaper

wallcovering002 copy 2wallcovering004 copy 2

wallcovering003 copy 2Peter's Pavers Wallpaper

wallcvg011 copypeter's pavers at the museum

Buy Architecture Is Fun Designed Wallpaper at Studio Printworks
Characters, color and charm. Sharon and Peter Exley have a flair for adding fun and play to every environment and product they design. Inspired by Roberto Burle Marx’s mosaic sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro, Peter’s Pavers is their first wallpaper release, introduced as part of the Studio Printworks Great Contemporary Artists Collection.

Available now through Studio Printworks

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Inspired by the pavers in Rio and our many trips, Peter’s Pavers is a perfect “eye spy” for children’s rooms, libraries, churches and more.

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Pediatric Exam Table & Infant Measurer: A Nurse’s Delight

weissbluth sm

pediatric measurerpediatric measurer detail      measurer small

Designed for a pediatrician, this sophisticated playful exam table is perfect for children – its design is calming. It features building block like legs and is more welcoming to kids than institutional choices. The  measuring device allow staff to measure up newborns with ease and beauty!

Call us to order; we are happy to customize to your office color palette!

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Happy Face Stools

©Fun Finders copy 2happy face stoolshappy face stools in pink

A Cool Find for Kids!  The Happy Face Stools are here!

Durable enough for museum play, library learning, school-time, or at home.  Light enough for kids to move about.  Happy Face Stools have been specified for the Young At Art Museum, near Ft. Lauderdale, the Frost Art Museum, Miami, and private residences across the US and in Rio de Janeiro.

Call us to choose your own colors or pick Miami White.  Affordable. Durable. Lovely. Charming.




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