Who We Are

We make finding “fun” and learning an art.

Sharon Exley and her team at Fun Finders focus on bringing beauty, experience, and interaction to your home, your business, to non-profits including museums, public spaces and libraries.

Certified as a woman-owned business (WBE), the Fun Finders team consults across the US and internationally helping create award-winning places and spaces, indoors and out-of-doors that users delight in and children adore and which have emotive and experiential impact. These are the environments and experiences we return to again and again.

Sharon Exley MAAE Associate ASID is a leading educative designer™ with a singular aesthetic desire; she wants you to discover beauty and play in your interior environments. Sharon is a culture builder, author and designer who embraces the intersection of design and pedagogy, visual arts and arts as visual feasts.

Sharon is the quintessential finder of fun.

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